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What is H-COM 2020?

H-COM 2020 is an Ecommerce drop-shipping course created by Alex Becker, It will teach you how to set up an ecommerce store on Shopify. You will learn how to do branding, Facebook Ads, email marketing, print on demand and more. The course is designed for newbies so learning how to properly set up an ecom business from A-Z won’t be a challenge

Chances are you know already but for those who don’t Alex Becker is a very successful online entrepreneur. His main focus now is developing software for internet marketers but he also does a lot of teaching both with free content on Youtube and also courses that you can buy.

He has a unique, straight forward way of teaching mixed in with the occasional swear words that makes me laugh. His teaching style is entertaining which makes learning easier.

So let’s talk about H-Com 2020. There’s a lot of ecom courses out there and i’ve reviewed quite a few. Is this course something you should invest in? 

I’m going to take you into the course so you can see what you’re getting for $1997 or five payments of $597 – that’s kinda steep. Partnered with Alex Becker on this is Devin Zander and Matt Schmidt – two well known marketers in the industry.

Matt is very successful with drop shipping and print on demand products while Devin is the founder of Smar7, a company that produces apps used on the Shopify platform.

The course is broken down into a 10 week training program. In the first two weeks, the focus is on diving right in and taking action.

This is followed by an overview of the course and videos on what Shopify is, how to register your store, set up your store and store design. 

You’ll also get videos on:

  • Essential Apps
  • Getting Started with Smar7 Apps
  • Finding & Importing Products
  • Shopify Product Optimization
  • Creating your Facebook Page

This first section is called the “Quickstart” section and it basically allows you to bypass everything else in the course and just get your first product up to sell right away. It’s a different way of doing things and it’s totally Alex Becker’s style.

This week is all about setting up your store to maximize conversions. Ugly stores just won’t cut it! Here you will learn:

  • How to get your logo made
  • Picking the right color scheme
  • Product page optimization
  • Editing your home page
  • Creating pages & more

You can take this info in and take action, or just continue on with the course material, the choice and desired pace is up to you.

Ad Targeting

This is where you will learn Facebook Ads from Matt Schmidt. Some of the videos include topics like finding your audiences, what to look for, power editor targets, scaling targeting, understanding ads, Ad Copy and the Facebook pixel,

The Facebook training is ok, but for what you pay for in this course I would have expected a whole lot more. It’s not nearly as intense of a module as i’ve found in Ecom Elites, which goes into much greater detail with Facebook Ads.


In this module you will learn about Google Analytics basics, reporting, tracking Facebook Ads, Data Analysis & Scaling, goals and funnel set up and product performance tracking.

All the videos in this section total under 2 hours and it gives you a good idea on how to analyze your data which is something so important in ecom. Ignore this and you’ll end up losing money and miss opportunities.

Email Marketing

Alex does pitch his own autoresponder – Market Hero, in this module. He gives a brief introduction as to why you need to use email for ecom, explains the relationship between you and your customer, what you should be selling to your Shopify list and more. I also did a review on Market Hero you should check out too.

You get a free trial with Market Hero (along with training) if you buy H-Com 2020 but if you wanted to use an autoresponder of your own choosing like Get Response, you can, but the training here is with Market Hero – not surprisingly. 

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Five videos in this section averaging 5 minutes each will teach you the strategies of getting Influencers from Instagram.

A lot of marketers are choosing this form of advertising and if you know what you are doing you can make a good profit from it. It’s a small section but you’ll still takeaway something from it if you have never looked into this before.

Advanced Selling

This section goes into greater detail with showing you the format of a perfect sales video, how to analyze a sales video, creating webinars, webinar pitches, etc.

Not many of you will use this tactic but it’s included should you decide to look for other avenues in selling different from what you are used to.

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