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About Alex

A former journalist for the UFC and Miami Dolphins, Alex is the Founder and CEO of Prospecting On Demand™, a mentorship company specializing in helping marketing agency owners and coaches implement the systems and strategies necessary to scale their company and become successful CEO’s.

Alex is a decorated speaker and author, making appearances at college universities, marketing events, and being featured in renowned publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, and more.


  • Created a 7 Figure Coaching Program and a decade-long 6 Figure Marketing Agency
  • Has helped more than 400 entrepreneurs hit 6 or 7 figures in their businesses
  • Hosted POD LIVE (a marketing event with 130 attendees), MC’ed CarrotCon and introduced Daymond John to the stage, spoken at multiple universities, and has been featured on over 50 podcasts

So, why choose Prospecting On Demand?

The era when you could satisfy clients by merely running a Facebook ad campaign and generating leads is officially behind us.

In every digital nook and cranny, there’s a new agency being born — and they are shouting 10x louder and charging 5x less than you.

This reality has commoditized the traditional “digital marketing agency” or lead vendor model, leaving your competitive edge limited to a few options:

Make outrageous promises.
Or under price the “freelancer” or agency next door.

Cookie cutter programs are exactly what have commoditized the industry.

That’s why Prospecting On Demand addresses the challenges ingrained in every agency’s DNA by providing you with a custom-built and boutique coaching experience.

We will help you revamp the outdated “marketing agency model” that pigeonholes you as merely a lead vendor and we help you become the marketing linchpin for your clients’ business.

By doing so, we help you reclaim a competitive edge, enabling you to charge more and garner the respect your expertise merits.

You will escape the commodity trap, once and for all.

How Does Prospecting On Demand Work?

We are a client success company, not a client acquisition company. We focus on white-glove personalized mentorship curated to your specific goals, needs, and obstacles. We provide you with a custom game plan to follow, and we hold you accountable every step of the way. The POD agency model is proven to scale, and with hands-on guidance from 11 world-class subject matter experts, it’s no wonder why over 1000 agencies have succeeded with Prospecting On Demand’s help.

We Help You

Book More Calls

  • We’ll help you build a world class outbound & inbound system that keeps your calendar stacked with prospects who are qualified and ready to spend. This system is designed to be easily automated and delegated so you don’t have to be chained to a phone or to an office chair taking calls all day.

Close More Deals

  • You’ll get access to the 1-Call-Close framework which cuts the length of your sales cycle by at least 45%. You will no longer find yourself chasing clients who want to “think about it.” And instead you can focus on closing long term contracts with blue chip clients. Which means higher margins and more stability in your business.

Retain Clients

  • You’ll not only get trained on structuring long-term deals, but you’ll also learn how to keep clients happily paying you month after month. We’ll help you build your client-success team and onboarding process, so you can deliver an exceptional experience without being trapped in delivery.

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