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Ignite Your Testing, Optimisation & Scaling With The 7-Figure Facebook Ads Playbook.

This course has been designed to help you achieve better, predictable results.
As long as you have some experience running ads, this is their course that will help you level-up your experience.
I’ve designed the course to allow for a structured walkthrough as well as allow you to dive into the modules most relevant for you.
However, having taken courses in the past, the best are the ones that offer guidance and support.
The Mastermind group is my commitment to supporting you during the course. You’ll have the opportunity to join Live Q&A webinars where I’ll answer your questions.


  • 15+ Years of Marketing Knowledge: I’m a marketer and entrepreneur first, Facebook Ads Pro second. This course is steeped in marketing knowledge to give you tools and strategies not found in any other Facebook Ads course.
  • Group coaching from me: I charge $1000 for a one hour consult and strategy session – you’ll get hours of my time included throughout the course and via the mastermind group.
  • Bonus material: I’ve compiled up additional material and will continue to add to it ensuring you stay ahead of the game (available in the membership portal) including case studies, and tips.
  • ROCK-SOLID Guarantee: If the training doesn’t work for you I’ll apply for a full refund AND pay you $100 for your time – just show me what you’ve applied and where/why it didn’t work within 30 days.

Here’s The Course Outline And What You’ll Get

  • The 4 Funnel System ($1000 value) – how to create and structure an account to help you optimise your results better.
  • Regular live Q&A coaching calls ($2000 value) – an opportunity for you to get support on the training material or your business directly from me and my team.
  • BONUS MODULE: A high ticket sales funnel we used for a $6000 coaching client, fully mapped out and ready for you to swipe (works on products over $500).
  • BONUS MODULE: GDPR for Facebook Ads! After many weeks of research, liaising directly with Facebook’s policy team and discussion with experts in forums I’ve put together my approach and recommendation for GDPR (for you if you’re trading in the EU).
  • Regular updates to the training modules to keep up with the latest Facebook changes.
  • 8 Weeks Access included to the private Mastermind group ($598 value).
  • Founding member discount if you wish to continue with the Mastermind subscription ($199/m instead of the usual $299/m).
  • Access through me to the latest news from Facebook in my role as an Advisor.
  • Access to a former Chief Marketing Officer, Entrepreneur, Agency Owner and Million Dollar Affiliate Marketing Business Owner (that’s me, by the way).

Is This Course Right For you?

  • ​You’re already advertising with Facebook Ads
  • ​You know how to create campaigns and you’ve seen some success already
  •  You’re keen to learn how to improve profit margins or to scale up (or both!)
  •  You’ll implement what I teach in the course and via the private Mastermind group
  •  You understand that having access to me and the course is not a guarantee of success – YOU need to put the hard work in to implementing the training and coaching to succeed.

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