Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

How To Download Mega Links Without Any Limits? offers fast downloads, but the daily download limit has been introduced. A user using a free account can only download 5GB a day. The “Excess bandwidth” message will appear when the limit is reached, which means that we have exceeded the daily download limit. So here is how to fix and Download MEGA files without Limits or fix MEGA bandwidth exceed error.

The solution is to wait for the limit to be updated, to get around it- Download MEGA files without Limits. There is a way to download files from MEGA without any restrictions.

Method 1: Signup for Mega.NZ Paid Subscription

We would highly recommend using a paid plan from Mega.NZ. This not only helps the developer but ethically it is the right thing to do.

Method 2: Buy Our Paid Mirror Leech Group Plan


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  • UPI
  • PayPal
  • USDT
  • Bitcoin
  • Binance


Method 3: Download MEGA files without limits using Mega Downloader

The first step is to download the MEGA Downloader program. You can download the Mega Download from the links below.

Download Internet Download Manager (IDM) or Xtreme Download Manager

Mega Downloader (version 1.8)

Working with IDM was last tested on 30 january 2023

Once you’ve downloaded the archive, unpack it anywhere and run the MEGA Downloader program. Once you start, you have to accept MEGA service rules by clicking “Yes. Then there’s the program configuration window, where you can, for example, set up data for your MEGA account to download your own files in the cloud faster.

You can also select the folder to which the files should be stored (the “Download Path” field). By default, the program uploads files to your desktop. Once you’ve set up your settings, you can close the window with the Save button.

Step by Step guide:

  • Step 1. Copy the link (address) to the clipboard.
  • Step 2. Click Configuration window.
  • Step 3. Go to the Streaming tab
  • Step 4. Tick the following option ‘Use streaming server
  • Step 5. Then click on Save, and the window will close.
  • Step 6. Go to the main window of Mega Downloader
  • Step 7. Go to the Streaming menu
  • Step 8. Select ‘Watch online.
  • Step 9. PASTE the file address (from clipboard) from Mega into the ‘MEGA URL Link‘.
  • Step 10. Wait for the Streaming URL link to generate.
  • Step 11. Copy the new Streaming URL link.
  • Step 12. Open Xtreme Download Manager application. You can use any download manager like IDM as well.
  • Step 13. Click File menu.
  • Step 14. Select ‘Add URL’ option.
  • Step 15. Xtreme Download Manager may automatically paste the address we copied into the Address field. You can also manually paste the URL by right-clicking in the address bar and pasting it.
  • Step 16. Click on DOWNLOAD NOW, and your file will begin to download.