Joe Soto – People Patterns Mastery

NLP Master Trainer Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall will train you how to get a seemingly unfair advantage using his “People Patterns” in his exclusive online People Pattern’s Mastery training program!

Imagine being one of the most persuasive coaches in the world as you’re about to discover People Patterns, the secret to why you do the things you do, why other people do the things to do, and how to dramatically enhance your influence, communication, and relationships…and you’ll look back and wonder how you ever got by without it.

Here’s what you’re going to get immediate access to:

  • The complete People Patterns Mastery online program which includes 9 Modules and over 60 video lessons, Online Training (Value = $1997)
  • The new People Patterns Mastery Workbook ($97)
  • The digital version of the People Pattern Power, by Wyatt Woodsmall (over 300 pages!)
  • BONUS #1: Monthly Q&A Coaching Sessions in a private Facebook Group for People Patterns Mastery students only (Priceless!) LIFETIME ACCESS!
  • BONUS #2: The 1% Formula: How to master the coaching techniques that all top coaches use ($997 Value)
  • BONUS #3: Wyatt Woodsmall’s “Business Applications of NLP” – Newly Revised 100 Page Manual ($997 Value)
  • BONUS #4: “People Patterns Mastery in Action” – Never before released live recording of Wyatt Woodsmall’s workshop at Joe Soto’s exclusive mastermind weekend – ($1997 Value)​
  • BONUS #5: 5 MINUTE PROFILING SECRETS: How to type each person into 1 to 9 of the personality patterns in less than 5 minutes and instantly know how to influence their behavior for GOOD (Value: Priceless)
  • BONUS #6: Advanced Mental Wealth with NLP – Mindset Coaching Program. 20 Session/20 Hours of Mindset Coaching with Wyatt Woodsmall. An in-depth NLP training program to take complete control of your mindset and mental wealth for a more abundant future. ($4997 Value)

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