Kevin David Shopify Dropshipping Ninja Masterclass

Shopify Ninja Masterclass Kevin David eCom Course

– Kevin David is an online entrepreneur with multiple profitable e-commerce businesses

– Majority of earnings come from courses he sells

– Warning against thinking magazines endorse or legitimize him

– One of the most successful digital course teachers in the world

– Only 0.46% of course completers were able to quit their jobs and work full-time online

Evaluation and Case Study

– Boarding the dream of Drop Shipping yacht to tropical beaches and mai tais

– Two questions to consider before investing in the course

– Disclaimer: evaluation based solely on personal experience and not compensated to promote or disparage the course

– Positive evaluations may be written by his associates who receive a commission

– Personal opinion and experience with the Shopify Drop Shipping Ninja Master Class course

– Is the Shopify Ninja Master Class worth investing in?

– Personal evaluation and case study can help make an informed decision

– Be cautious of positive reviews written by affiliates

– Remember the low pass rate of full-time online earners from the course

Course Overview:

– The course consists of five modules, covering everything from finding a home run product to scaling your business.

– Lifetime access is included, with no subscription fees and future updates included.

– Weekly live webinars with Kevin and access to the Facebook group are also included.

– The course is priced at $997, but a coupon for $250 off is available.

Module Breakdown:

– Module 1: Finding Your Home Run Product – Kevin uses a methodical approach to help you find the right product to sell in your store, ensuring that it has a passionate following and is more likely to sell.

– Module 2: Dealing with Suppliers – This module covers how to find the best suppliers and how to speak to them, as well as dealing with shipping.

– Module 3: Creating Your Shopify Store – Kevin shows you how to set up your store, including themes, payments, and automating the process of listing products from Alibaba.

– Module 4: Marketing – This module covers how to drive traffic from Facebook and finding your passionate audience. Kevin also shows you how to set up Facebook Ads and use the features that matter.

– Module 5: Scaling – This module shows you how to bring in Instagram influencers to drive traffic to your store.

Course Benefits:

– Finding a Home Run Product – This is a crucial step in creating a successful Shopify store, and Kevin’s methodical approach takes the guesswork out of it.

– Utilizing Free Trials – Kevin shows you how to make gains and profits even before having to pay for subscriptions.

– Facebook Group – Access to successful students and Kevin himself makes this course a worthwhile investment.

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