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How To Skyrocket A Profitable Marketing Agency (Full A-Z Program)

The Social Media Marketing Academy is probably a course or training software designed to show people or companies how to use social media platforms to advertise their goods or services successfully. Modern digital marketing must include social media marketing, therefore many companies are seeking for ways to boost their social media presence and interact with clients on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media channels.

Getting Started
Course Overview – Welcome To The Course! (7:55)
What Is Social Media Marketing & Management? (1:32)
Freelancing Vs. Agency (5:51)
Freelance Websites & Options (2:28)
BEFORE WE START… Please don’t do this! (3:20)
Module 1: Getting Set Up & Started
How To Set Up Your Profile & Get Your Account Approved (11:43)
How To Optimize Your Account (9:42)
Portfolio, Skills, Employment History (25:51)
How To Write an AWESOME Authoritative Profile (13:30)
This ONE Trick Will Help You Make More Money! (10:11)
Module 2: Client Acquisition & How To Get Clients
How To Write A KILLER Cover Letter (14:46)
How To Apply For Jobs & What Jobs To Apply For (16:44)
How To Get a High Response Rate (5:34)
The QUICKEST way to apply to jobs (12:15)
Paying For Connects = Buying Leads (6:17)
Focusing on IPA’s (4:55)
Keep your overheads LOW (5:54)
Getting Clients With NO Previous Experience! (8:07)
Module 3: Sales & Pricin
How To Price Your Services! (9:45)
Fixed Rate or Hourly Pay? (5:25)
Logical & Emotional Selling (5:58)
The Direct Message Sale – (NO PHONE CALL NEEDED) (7:57)
Why You NEED To Get Potential Clients On The Phone! (3:22)
Buyer/Seller Dynamic! (3:58)
How To Structure The Sales Call (27:24)
How To Up-Sell Your Services! (9:13)
The Proposal (Template Included) (14:00)
How To Take Payments & Charge Your Client! (10:10)
Charging MORE Money For Facebook Ads (Value Based Pricing) (5:04)
Close Your Client EVERY TIME With These Closing Lines! (8:56)
Module 4: Authority
The Importance Of Authority! (8:28)
Branding Yourself! (7:33)
How To Create Professional Monthly Reports! (8:47)
Calendar Booking & Scheduling Meetings! (9:48)
Placing A Video On Your Profile! (2:13)
Turning Down Clients & Saying NO! (6:55)
Testimonials & Reviews (How To Always Get 5-Star Feedback) (4:30)
Module 5: Outsourcing
How & Why To Outsource (4:55)
How To Create A Job Posting! (8:58)
How To Pick the BEST Outsourcers! (4:27)
Why The Cheapest Aren’t Always The Cheapest… (4:59)
What TASKS To Outsource (4:44)
How Much To Pay Your Outsourcers (3:38)
Examples Of Great Outsourcers (LIVE) (15:28)
Communication is KEY! (3:55)
Giving Outsourcers Access To Social Media Accounts & Passwords (HOW TO TRUST THEM) (5:07)
Module 6: How To Get Results For Clients
On-Boarding Clients (6:39)
Implementing A Hashtag Strategy For Clients (15:40)
How To Grow On Instagram (6:54)
Finding Copyright Free Images (6:28)
The IMPORTANCE Of Sample Posts For Clients! (6:54)
The 70 – 20 – 10 Rule! (6:53)
Module 7: Automation, Systems, Passive Income & Scaling
How To Automate Social Media Posting (5:01)
Systems Building (4:12)
Automating The Screening Questions (4:59)
Outsourcing & Automating The WHOLE Business Model (EVERYTHING EXPLAINED) (11:18)
End Of Course
Thank You! (1:30)
Become An Affiliate And Make 40% Commission! (2:51)
Would You Like Further Help? (2:40)

Many subjects, including how to design a social media strategy, how to create interesting content, how to use paid advertising on social media platforms, how to analyse social media analytics and measure progress, and more, may be covered by a social media marketing university. The course may be delivered online or in person, and it may be designed for novice or seasoned social media users.

Many internet resources, like as blogs, tutorials, and courses, are accessible if you’re interested in learning more about social media marketing. You might also think about hiring a social media marketing consultant or academy to assist you in creating a plan specific to the demands and objectives of your company.

The goal of social media marketing academies is to give thorough instruction on how to use social media platforms for marketing. In recent years, social media has grown in importance as a part of digital marketing since it gives companies a special chance to interact with their target market, increase brand recognition, and advertise goods and services. Yet, learning social media marketing can be difficult, particularly for those who are just starting out.

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Creating a social media strategy entails deciding which platforms to use, identifying target audiences, and creating goals. A excellent social media marketing academy will educate you how to generate appealing graphics, videos, and text that will attract people’s attention. Social media is all about creating content that resonates with your audience. Paid advertising is a terrific approach to reach a larger audience and increase conversions. Many social media sites offer this option. You will learn how to efficiently build up and manage ad campaigns from a social media marketing school.

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