GATE Chemical Engineering

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GATE 2022 Chemical Engineering Video Lectures

1. Quality Content :- Learning with experts through our video lectures means getting access to an array of carefully designed and curated content that will help you learn better and clear Targeted Exam with flying colours.

2. Theory Books (E-Books) :- 12 to 14 theory books Book Set covers all the syllabus of all the universities, IITs, and NITs. Students appearing for competitive exams like GATE, PSUs can find the book as an asset to them.

3. Tips & Tricks :- Our experts will teach you a lot of minute tips and tricks for Targeted Exams that will not only increase your speed in solving question but also boost your accuracy.

4. Solved Examples :- You can access a lot of different solved examples for each and every topic of Targeted Exams which will give you a better understanding of the efficient techniques used in Targeted Exams problem-solving.

5. Practice Books (E-Books) :- 3 to 4 practice books 100+ Practice questions from each subject to practice, Questions are prepared by experts comprising of IIT & IISc alumni with more than 15 years of experience

6. GATE Exam PDF Book :- Previous year’s solved gate papers ( from year 2000 to 2020 ).


Language – 70% Hindi , 30% English

  1. 350+ Recorded Lecture
  2. Theory Books (E-Books)
  3. Practice Books(E-Books)
  4. Solved Example
  • All Topic at one place
  • Every Student can Download it
  • Easy to Access from anywhere anytime
  • Properly structured Videos

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