How To Start Blogging In 2021 From Scratch Part- 1

Want to start a blog in 2021? I have covered everything you want to know about how to start blogging.

Voila! You’re here because you think you can relinquish the ultimate glory of “Starting a blog in 2021”.

Undoubtedly! Now you are ahead of 10 Lakh people in this world. It’s because you have moved ahead leaving the majority of people who did not have the courtesy to generate extra sources of Income probably because they want to stick with their regular 9 to 5 job, get appreciated by seniors and wait for the annual increment.

But, all these while you keep reading other blogs about their blogging journey. Now get ready with the initiative to earn some extra penny from the Internet with or without your job.

How to Start Blogging?

Alright, you can start blogging besides a regular job or whatever work you are doing, later when confidence builds up and starts making a lot more money from your blog to sustain a healthy living via blogging. Although you may need to leave your work at the office and take blogging as your full-time career.

It’s always difficult to start new things and gets adjusted after a while, this is similar to blogging, I will guide you with everything in this detailed post. By means of blogging, you can do everything on your own, you need not have to hire an expert to create a blog for you. You can save that money approximately $60/Rs.4000 in buying your hosting and domain name.

There are two primary objectives of learning how to blog. First “how to start a blog on WordPress” and Second “How to develop a blog for someone in return of Money.” Before I brief you about the initial steps of how you can make your blog ready in the next 30 mins, I would like to add some points to your knowledge base.

Blogging first started as a prominent way to have an online personal weblog. Through which a person update journal about their day. The ‘weblog’ refers to ‘blog’ now. Like many inventions on planet earth, peoples have found great potential by having a blog and blogging started climbing up there.

Since then a blog is no longer used for marketing but it has become a home business in and of itself. Blogging is fun, the legitimate way to share the knowledge that generates a decent income from the internet.

Blogs have two out most advantages such as. A blog constitutes frequently updating of the post. It can be anything sharing with the world. Blog posts are added several times a week.

Blogs allow for reader engagement which is why readers finding the most captivating post has thousands of comments down under posts to have a discussion with the blogger and others who read the blog.

The good news is that prior to starting a blog I have curated a relatively easy guide for you. Let’s start with a brief about How do I actually started with blogging?

✓ How I actually end up blogging?

I started blogging 4 years back and this is my 3rd blog by having more than 5 blogs on different niches. I am generating different sources of income all this while. But it wasn’t the same when I started back.

During my initial days, I was not sure about blogging and things associated with it, I used to search on the internet “How to make money online?”

Fortunately, I landed up seeing one blog post that offered me 20 best ways to make money online, I can’t wait to read the article and grasp the entire article without losing a sec, blogging on the top of the list, the other first two options were 1) Affiliate Marketing , 2) YouTube & Third was Blogging.

Although it was pretty easy for me to dream about blogging and generating tons of money with it. The only thing required was a laptop and an internet connection. It was then I felt the necessity to feel like a boss. Almost everyone in blogging has experienced this once.

Moreover, the enrichment becomes more fulfilling when you think of earning 20x money over your regular 9 to 5 office job. It was when I used to work for an MNC as a Software Network Engineer.

The kind of feel like “boss” or starting something being an entrepreneur is always fulfilling in nature. More when I see myself struggling to meet my financial goals, I need to sustain my family is the primary reason why I opted for blogging.

Anyways, I started with the first 3 options on the list.

Later I found several mistakes pertaining to blogging. Hence, I devoted enough time to learn things regarding YouTube channel and blogging basics by reading blogs, watching videos. Also, affiliate marketing. No time  I have learned things that went missing.

Although from a beginner point of view my blog posts started receiving traffic worldwide. And, it took no time to write several other eye-catching blog posts which received huge traffic in just 2 months. And I finally started generating some income. And at last, over a period of 3 years I am earning a decent income and able to hire 2 managers salary every month.

Therefore, blogging is the best and Free medium to grow your business and authority. You can build your trust, authenticity & presence online. My major revenue source comes from Blogging. It is possible to make money from your blog.


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