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SEO 2021: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites


Rank 1 on Google with Technical SEO, 1s Pagespeed, UX SEO, Backlink SEO, Keyword Research SEO + WordPress SEO Training


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English, Italian

What you’ll learn

— SEO Training on 50+ SEO factors to rank 1 on Google Search Engine

— Reason why those SEO factors matter in real-time

— How those SEO factors affects the ranking of websites on Google

— Rank 1 in Google Search with WordPress SEO 2021 Training: Do’s and Don’ts

— Learn all the 8 Technical SEO factors

— SEO your website to bring in more organic traffic from Google & other search engines

— Make your website to load in less than 0.5 seconds & increase sales / conversions by 2X

— Get Page speed insights score of up to 100 for both desktop and mobile

— Learn the Essential skills to optimize your website for Google, Bing & Yandex search engines

— Get indexed by search engines faster

— Improve the User experience of your website – The future SEO factor

— Decrease your website visitor’s bounce rate and improve time spent on your site

— Learn to use the best free SEO tools across the entire web

— Get targeted traffic to your site, by using the chosen transactional / informative long tail keywords

— Get low competition, high traffic optimized long tail keyword list – Hands on

— Get demystified on Link building myths and learn what type of backlinks works best

— Learn which type of backlinks are not worthy anymore

— Get an actionable list of more than 25 White Hat Backlink generation sources

— Learn expired SEO techniques / Myths, which can hurt your website

— Immune your website against Negative SEO attacks and identify bad backlinks to your site

This course includes:

10 hours on-demand video

17 articles

14 downloadable resources

Full lifetime access

Access on mobile and TV


Certificate of completion


— Students need to be just aware of SEO – Search Engine Optimization

— You may need a WordPress website to use the plugins I have demonstrated in this SEO 2021 Training course


This course, SEO 2021 Training: The Complete SEO Course for WordPress Websites is all about 50 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) factors on how to reach top spot on Google search with Search Engine Optimization.

Each SEO factor is explained in the following ways:

> Why is that a SEO factor?

> Trend analysis for the SEO factor in the recent years

> Live example of how that SEO factor delivers results

> When and how to use these SEO factors?

Danial Ashrafi says, “For Newbies it is a thousand time better course than others”

Beam Co says, “His content is very well presented and I would say of high value for people looking for a big picture overview to get started”

Aravind Automation Engineer says, “Excellent and very clear explanation on SEO core points. Commanded..”

Abhishek Bamotra says, “Easy to understand and best SEO guide I ever came across :)”

This entire SEO 2021 course is based on a keyword research compiled from 10,000 keywords for top 30 SERPs across the years 2014 to 2019. So they are all new, working and they apply 100% to 2021 and up. Also this is the most rated SEO course on the platform.

SEO is NOT a Cost but an Investment. This course is specially designed for Webmasters, Bloggers, Business owners, Search Engine Optimization Beginners / Experts and Website owners, who want to rank #1 in Google.

Khairul says, “Really Excellent Course. My WordPress website has been optimized. not only by SEO and improvement on the speed. 

SEO requirement explained in detail on the importance of it and how to achieve it. Really Excellent Course.

  If you are owner of a WordPress website, or developing for others. This will really help you. Fully recommended”

This is a no fluff SEO course. Each and every lecture is prepared and polished with loads of rare information, SEO tutorial that produces results and examples or research data to justify those SEO factors.

Social Proof

Best Selling SEO Course

Over 60,000 Satisfied Students

Over 10,000 Positive Reviews

Closed Captions (English Subtitles)

10 Hours of Full HD Videos + More to Come

Streamlined + Efficient Course Organisation

Course Completion Certificate

30 Days money back guarantee – No questions asked

Above all – Instructor with ‘Lightning speed’ badge holder for his fast response time and support

Course Update Timeline

June 2020: Content SEO (New), Keyword Research SEO v2.6

Dec 2019: Pagespeed SEO v4

Oct 2019: Keyword Research SEO v2.5

August 2019: Demystifying Backlinks SEO v2

July 2019: Keyword Research SEO v2.4, Get Indexed Faster v2.1

May 2019: Keyword Research SEO v2.3, Get Indexed Faster v2, Technical SEO v3 sections

March 2019: Pagespeed SEO v3.4, Keyword Research SEO v2.2 sections

May 2018: PageSpeed SEO v3.3 section

April 2018: Pagespeed SEO v3.2 section

April 2018: Keyword Research v2.1 SEO section

November 2017: Technical SEO v2.3 section – 14 Lectures – 55 Mins

August 2017: Page Speed SEO v3 section – 16 lectures – 1 hour 45 minutes

August 2017: Demystifying Backlinks SEO section – 8 Lectures – 27 Minutes

July 2017: Technical SEO v2.2, Page Speed SEO v2.2 sections – 12 Lectures – 55 minutes

June 2017: Technical SEO v2.1 section – 14 Lectures – 1 hour

Dec 2016: Page Speed SEO v2.1 section – 7 Lectures – 40 Minutes

May 2016: Keyword Research SEO section – 11 Lectures – 1 hour 15 minutes

April 2016: Negative SEO section – 17 Lectures – 1 hour 6 minutes

Timothy Izquierdo says, “I’m a beginner in SEO. Everything dealt till now in technical SEO factors are stuff that we do/write in daily blogging. But each of them are dealt from an advanced perspective. Still, it’s so easy to learn. 

Every concept is said, what it’s? why it should be done? when it is to be done? how it should be done? based on the research graphs which is shown for each & every concept. I’m simply blown away!”

This course will help you to

Master Technical SEO factors – The entry ticket to search Engines

Make your website load in less than a second. The interesting part of this section is, your page speed insights score will up to 100 /100 for desktop and 100 / 100 for mobile

Get indexed by search engines faster

Implement the best User experience for your visitors / customers – The future SEO factor. Reduce user abandonment rate and increase user’s time spent on your site

Learn Keyword Research in SEO – Get targeted traffic to your site, by using the chosen transactional / informative long tail keywords

All backlink myths demystified – Learn the important attributes of backlinks and ignore the ones that don’t work anymore

Protect your website against Negative SEO – It’s not a black hat SEO. This is your line of defense against negative SEO attacks

Learn everything from Positive SEO factors to Negative SEO factors, master them and implement on your website to get top ranking in search engines.

Though SEO is not a rocket science. It’s not that easy to grasp the impact of various terminologies used in SEO like Doorway pages, keyword stuffing, bounce rate etc.

That’s why, for each and every SEO factor, not only you’ll learn what that SEO factor is, but also you’ll learn

Why is that a SEO factor?

When and how to use them?

I’ve also given justification, several examples and the proof and how to implement it on your website. 

Negative SEO is a must know section for every WordPress owner, because you may rank #1 in top pages of Google search, for your popular keywords now. 

What if, Google penalizes your website and you lose ranking for your popular keywords

What if, your invisible / unknown competitor attacks your website with Negative SEO 

We have covered everything regarding Negative SEO attack, how to recover from it etc., in this course.

Now you should have realized, this course is not just a collection of information, it’s highly efficient, streamlined and it will give you the solid results, you have expected.

If you have ever dreamed of getting to top #1 position in Google search results, then you’ve come to the right course. Click on ‘Take this course’ green button on the top-right corner to enroll now.

Once you rank #1 in Google

Your brand name will be popular

You will be invited for exclusive product releases in your niche

Your business / ad revenue will grow 2X to 100X based on your current position

Your unique visitors per day, subscribers will increase

And Much more





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